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This is why our usability engineers do their homework way before the creative direction hits the Graphic Designers. Pages layout along with element (images, texts, special content etc.) placeholders are carefully pinned to the front-face so the final vision delivers a STRONG MESSAGE to the visitor.


Omni Focus Plus

Omni Focus Plus

OmniFocus Plus™ combines the ability to search pre-selected web sites for user-selected information; the ability to quickly and easily browse and search the retrieved information; and the ability to easily distribute the information in a searchable archive via CD or DVD.

OmniFocus Plus™ can monitor and deliver information from ANY on-line, accessible information source, including newspapers, user groups, on-line publications, websites, corporate databases, even your password protected subscriptions.

OmniFocus Plus'™ advanced technology and robust filtering capability customizes your search criteria allowing you to receive only the information pertinent to your search.

Why is OmniFocus Plus™ different from other clipping services?

  • Ability to easily incorporate any accessible source into your customized library.
  • Filter your information from your library of sources and then deliver only pertinent and timely information.
  • Put the power of our proprietary technology right in your office, giving you the ultimate solution for information management.
  • Customize our software, developing solutions to meet your specific requirements.


  • Multiple on-line sources for target information monitored automatically
  • Customizable search patterns
  • Powerful indexing capabilities - custom and dynamic
  • User defined archive structure
  • Extensive browse interface
  • Full content search capabilities, including words, phrases, Boolean logic and proximity operators
  • Keywords bolded for easy review in retrieved documents
  • Self-contained, fully searchable archive CD easy to create
  • Seamless transfer of search result files into other Windows applications